Improving Workshop Instruction

From November 2011 to May 2012, Dr. Rashmi Kumar conducted a workshop quality improvement program for the Weigle Information Commons (WIC). During this time, she met with the WIC Director to learn about issues related to planning, implementation, and human resources impacting instruction at WIC. Using specifically-created interview and observation protocols, she worked with several staff members to gather data about broader teaching practices at WIC.
Rashmi also held individual sessions with WIC staff and interns to identify goals for workshops and classroom sessions, collect information about usage of teaching spaces and resources, and develop a common platform for revision and improvement. A critical outcome of this engagement was the development of the "Tools and Technologies Instruction Model" which is available online in two formats:

  1. Model Overview
  2. Model Details

Dr. Kumar has many years of experience teaching technology driven instructional practices to K-12 teachers and pre-service teachers. She has a deep knowledge of educational technology, and has presented topics related to the art and science of working with educational technology at several regional and national conferences. For more information, please see our blog post about the project.