Zagadinow Collection title page

Georgij Sanji Zagadinow Collection of Kalmyk Materials

The Zagadinow Collection embodies the Libraries’ strategic priorities to collect and preserve global voices, and to make accessible materials related to Philadelphia’s culture and community and to transnational communities and identities.

Dramatic view of Jerusalem looking toward the Mosque of Omar / Temple Mount.

Holy Land Collections

Penn's libraries are home to a wide range of special and general collections related to the Holy Land.

Mark B. Adams Science Fiction Collection

The Mark B. Adams Science Fiction Collection spans the history of modern science fiction, from the late 19th Century to the contemporary moment. It mostly focuses on American and British science fiction but also includes non-English titles.

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Robert and Molly Freedman Jewish Sound Archive

The Robert and Molly Freedman Jewish Sound Archive is among the most important resources in the world for the study of Jewish culture, folklore, history, linguistics, and literature through the medium of sound.

Spanish Literature, Culture and Politics: 20th century

Penn Libraries has developed its coverage of 20th century Spanish history and literature in recent (since the early 21st century) years. A basis for the collections is the Paul C. Smith endowment, which aims to provide general support for printed works of Spanish and Portuguese literature and culture. Paul Smith’s donations have particularly increased holdings of works by and about (many of them by Smith himself) the early 20th century political journalist and novelist Vicente Blasco Ibáñez. The library has added to these, works that explore the connections among art, literature, politics and culture. At the same time, courses in the history of Spain, including the Spanish Civil War, have encouraged collecting on the war, the Republican exile, Francoist Spain and the transition.