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    Digital Skills Workshops

Digital Skills Workshops


It's not easy given today's digital information landscape. If you’re involved in research, you have to make sure you're using verified, trusted sources of information. These sessions will help you develop skills to research the literature efficiently and effectively without sacrificing quality for convenience. The Penn Libraries has a world-class collection of literally millions of scholarly materials well beyond a typical Google search.  Expert librarians know how to unlock the secrets to success and want to help you find, save, and use only the highest quality citations for your project. [Request a session on-demand for any of these 5 essential skills!] -or- [Learn more about The Art of Research workshops


We are all creators, designers, and publishers, usually without event thinking about it. However, we are creating intellectual digital assets -- scholarship in new forms -- that have special properties, affordances, and legal limitations. Learn to create and analyze digital objects using a variety of industry-standard and emerging software. Edit, remix, and recognize the challenges (and obligations) of disseminating digital media. Then, take a Digital Publishing workshops to learn about cc-licensing your creations and sharing them with a global audience! [Learn more about The Power of Presentation]


Data literacy is essential for two main groups of people at Penn: (1) Consumers of data (so, bascially everyone), and (2) Creators of data (researchers and administrators, mostly). These groups have a lot in common and each does best if they understand the needs of the other. Consumers and creators of data should consider how data can be shared, organized, documented, reused, interpreted and visualized, and backed up.  We will wrestle with many of the same ethical issues that are covered in The Art of Research. These two series are even more powerful when you take them together. [Learn more about Love Your Data]

DIGITAL PEDAGOGY: Teaching with Technology More Purposefully

The expectations for instructors today are unreasonably high. With educational technologies and new teaching methods continually evolving, it's nearly impossible for any of us to keep pace.  It's ok. That's where these workshops fit in: You can explore, test, debate, and learn in cohort of colleagues.  Each of the three workshops is designed to help you (1) develop familiarity with current theoretical frameworks of how people learn, (2) apply and evaluate specific technologies used for instruction based on your first-hand experience with them, and (3) discuss and practice teaching techniques that leverage physical spaces for active learning. These workshops are designed for all those who teach at Penn. [Learn more about Teaching + Tech]


Congratulations on completing your research!  Do you know what you need to do to get published? These workshops are designed to help you become familiar with the platforms for publishing, the decisions you will be making as you sign contracts, the legal implication of your publishing decisions, and your options for  disseminating your research after it has been published. Whether you are publishing an article, book, video, or set of photos, these workshops will help set you up for success. [Learn more about Digital Publishing]

Digital RESEARCH METHODS: Discover A new world through digital projects

When it comes to a digital research project, what should inform your decisions about the  tools you will use? Knowing key terminology and the necessary preparations at the beginning of a project will help ensure future success in collaborating, sharing the data, and accessing research results. In this series, we will look at a several sample projects of varying scale, topic, and team size to demonstrate how to put these tips into practice in your own work. We also offer regular office hours so you can drop-in as your project needs require. [Learn more about Digital Research Methods]


During the 2017-2018 academic year, we will offer a number of hands-on workshops to experience and create immersive content ranging from Google Cardboard, Zappar, 3D Modeling, etc. We schedule group workshops occasionally during the semestrer, we invite you to create a group of 5 or more people and request a custom PennImmersive workshop intended to meet your specific goals for the session. We will need a week's advance notice but are happy to travel to you or try to set something up in one of the Penn Libraries!