E-Beam Whiteboard Capture System

Use our portable e-Beam interactive whiteboard system to capture, record and play back your whiteboard lessons to engage your students, near or far. As you teach, your notes on any dry-erase whiteboard can be recorded with audio, creating a complete digital file of your lesson that students can access for learning at their own pace. It works with both Mac and PC computers. (Direct video recording is possible on PC only. The e-Beam can be combined with screen video software on Macs.)

e-Beam Kit

The E-beam kit includes:

  • 1 E-beam sensor/receiver (magnetic)
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 CD with software for Mac and PC
  • 4 marker sleeves, with batteries
  • 1 dry eraser, with battery
  • 4 standard sized dry erase markers

Each marker sleeve uses 2 CR-2032 batteries, as does the dry eraser. The kit has a replacement value of $1000.

Setup Procedures

  1. Install the software on your laptop or desktop computer.
  2. Mount the e-beam sensor on the whiteboard. (It should stick magnetically.)
  3. Connect one end of the USB cable to the sensor, and the other to the USB port of your computer.
  4. Open the back of the marker sleeves for the colors you wish you use, insert the markers, and close the sleeves.
  5. Start the software.
  6. Calibrate the work area. (watch tutorial)

You should only have to install the software once on your computer, but you will need to perform each of the other steps every time you use the kit.

Please remove the dry erase markers from the sleeves and replace their original caps when you have finished using the E-beam. This prevents batteries from draining prematurely.

Sample Penn videos

Algebra Tutorials, (Avi Barr, LPS)

Marginal Revenue Example, (Rebecca Stein, Economics)

To request the E-beam, please email wic1@pobox.upenn.edu
We would like to thank Jackie Candido and Jordan Boggs at the Arts and Sciences Learning Commons for guiding our purchase and management of the Ebeam device.