Engaging Students Through Technology Symposium 2011


Symposium LogoThe 2011 symposium tackled two broad questions: 

  1. How should I use technology, in my classroom and outside my classroom, to engage my students?
  2. How should I manage the technology (laptops, smart phones, tablets, etc.) that my students bring to my classroom?

The symposium included a faculty panel, a student panel, lunch, discussion and hands-on sessions. About 100 people participated. We thank our faculty and student presenters!

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10 to 11 am
Faculty Panel
Cohen Hall Rm 402
11 am to Noon
Student Panel
Cohen Hall Rm 402
Noon to 1:30 pm
Informal lunch
with presenters

WIC Data Diner
Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center
1:30 to 2:30 pm
Concurrent Sessions
Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center

Faculty Panel

Faculty Panel - 10 to 11 am - Video

Carolyn Cannuscio
Photo Documentary

(Presentation Slides)

Paul Heiney

(Presentation Slides)

Lisa Mitchell
Voiceover PowerPoint

(Student Showcase)
Tamara Nopper
Virtual Guest Presenters
Student Panel - 11 am to Noon - Cohen Hall, Rm 402 - Video

Peter Decherney
Facilitator for Student Panel

Sasha Verma, Alex Rafi, Alex Niculescu, and Harrison Lieberfarb
Student Panel

Informal Lunch - Noon to 1:30 pm - Weigle Information Commons
Concurrent Sessions - 1:30 to 2:30 pm - Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center - Pick one

Cathy Turner
Assessing Tech Projects

John MacDermott and Marjorie Hassen
From Idea to Reality

(Presentation handout)

Nancy Bellafante and Eric Janec
Prezi for Presentations

(Presentation Resource)

David Toccafondi and Anu Vedantham
iPads for Class Projects

(Presentation Resource)

Program Details

Photo Documentary:: Carolyn Cannuscio, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health, will discuss student projects including the Health of Philadelphia Photo Documentary Project. (Presentation Slides) 
Clickers: Paul Heiney, Professor of Physics, will discuss his use of personal response devices (clickers) in introductory and intermediate science classes. His teaching was featured in a recent NBC video
Voiceover PowerPoint: Lisa Mitchell, Assistant Professor, Department of South Asia Studies, will discuss the creation of, and collaboration on, short screen videos by groups of students in her anthropology course using tools such as Jing. (Student Showcase) 
Virtual Guest Presenters: Tamara Nopper, Lecturer of Sociology and Asian American Studies, will discuss her use of Skype to bring guest presenters virtually into her classroom. Skype provides a simple, no-fuss process for casual videoconferencing. 
Student Panel: Peter Decherney, Associate Professor of Cinema Studies and English, will facilitate a panel discussion with five current Penn undergraduates.

Harrison Lieberfarb is a junior in SAS majoring in Science, Technology and Society. As the Secretary of the Student Committee on Undergraduate Education, he works on courseware and the integration of technology into large lectures. He has worked for UBS and Apple, and is very interested in technology entrepreneurship.

Alex Niculescu is a senior in SAS majoring in Medical Anthropology and minoring in Cinema Studies. He is a student of all media and its utilization for radical movements for education and liberation, both inside the classroom and in the streets.

Alex Rafi is a freshman in SAS with an intended major in Cinema Studies. As a student at Design and Architecture Senior High (DASH), he took many courses in fine arts, industrial design, and CAD, all of which required the use of technology. He also volunteered as a cameraman for two years, leaving his post as Assistant Lead Camera Operator when fall semester began. Currently he is an assistant at SAS Multimedia Services.

Sasha Verma is a senior in SEAS, majoring in Digital Media Design. As a DMD major she is well-versed in computer programming and loves taking art classes in the School of Design, from Figure Drawing to Web Design. She has interned at DreamWorks Animation for two summers in research and development, and is a lab consultant at the Vitale Digital Media Lab.

Students were invited to complete a brief questionnaire and the results shared through a Sakai project site.

Session Descriptions
Assessing Tech Projects: Cathy Turner, Senior Associate Director at the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), will guide a discussion on setting goals and designing assessment for student technology projects including video creation, building on CTL's guidelines document.
From Idea to Reality: Join John MacDermott, Director of Instructional Technology for the School of Arts and Sciences and Marjorie Hassen, Director of Public Services for Penn Libraries, for an informal brainstorming session. We will share examples of Penn course assignments that successfully evolved from initial idea to reality, and we hope you will bring your wild ideas that you might like to turn into reality. (Presentation handout)
Prezi for Presentations: Nancy Bellafante and Eric Janec, WIC Desk Interns, will guide a hands-on session on Prezi, a web-based presentation software notable for visual beauty and non-linear structure. (Presentation Links)
iPads for Classroom Projects: David Toccafondi, Vitale Digital Media Lab Coordinator, and Anu Vedantham, Director of the Penn Libraries' Weigle Information Commons, will lead a hands-on session on the iPads in the Classroom pilot (Presentation Resource).
Prior Symposia
The 2010 symposium brought together about 100 faculty, instructors, graduate students and staff. A photo gallery, podcasts, a five minute excerpt and the full hour-long video of the student panel, and videos of Regina Austin, Carol Muller and Ralph Rosen are available online.
The 2009 symposium brought together about 100 participants from ten schools at Penn and the 2008 Symposium brought together about 45 participants.