Explore Tech Tools

The Weigle Information Commons supports a variety of student projects through course support and open contests. Penn students have created videos, comic books, images, posters, maps and websites over the years. You can also view all student work on our ScholarlyCommons New Media Showcase  

We can also assist faculty in gaining expertise with a variety of tech tools. Our faculty videos below explore ways of nurturing student creativity through various types of technology.

Nurturing Student Creativity Through Video Projects

Conversation with Penn Faculty: Pedagogy of video assignments with Regina Austin, Peter Decherney, Louise Krasniewicz, Andrew Lamas and Jacqui Sadashige. Created in collaboration with the MERLOT ELIXR national initiative (please see announcement and ELIXR website).

Critical Writing: A multimedia showcase of Jacqui Sadashige's freshman writing seminars

Anthropology: A multimedia showcase of Louise Krasniewicz's course projects

Cinema Studies: A multimedia showcase of Peter Decherney's course projects

Assigning Video Projects: Pedagogy suggestions from the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)



Reflections on uses : CTL Teaching with Technology Discussion with Paul Heiney and Melissa Wilde