Greene: History & Sociology of Science Showcase

Every spring, students in the History & Sociology of Science major present posters of their research to complete the department Senior Honors Thesis, overseen by Dr. Ann Greene. WIC staff members visit the poster presentations to showcase exemplary projects whose research components are supplemented by elements of graphic design and visual literacy.

Spring 2015: HSOC Senior honors ThesEs

Exercising Towards a Cure: The Gymnasium of the Friends Asylum, 1889-1893 
Ellen Kim

Research question: How did the construction of a free-standing gymnasium reflect the changing ideas of medical treatment, and how were these changing ideas accommodated within the existing framework?

Key visual elements:

  • Historical photographs
  • Timeline

Terminal Insecurity: Passenger Screening's Historical Journey toward Landing Legitimacy 
Hillel Neumark

Thesis: To thoroughly understand the disparaging perceptions that plague the United States' airport passenger screening system, one must beging by exploring airport screeners' historical quest for authority. Passenger screeners' continued failure to gain stability and authority is the result of their disciplines' inability to successfully complete all three stages of emergence; for over forty years, passenger screening has remained fixed in the stages of transition.

Key visual elements:

  • Graphic illustration
  • Timeline

Spring 2014: HSOC Senior honors ThesEs

The American Elephant: The Controversy of Keeping Elephants in the United States 
Randa Atkins

Thesis: Instead of focusing on African and Asian elephants and how their enclosures fail to accurately simulate their wild environments, I argue that we should treat the elephants in America as if they were their own species. Elephants in  the Americas have been featured in shows or confined to small enclosures, and often times, they’ve had long-lasting relationships with humans. These elephants have different needs then their wild counterparts, and should be treated as such. 

Key visual elements:

  • Graphic illustrations
  • Pro and Con lists

Weighing in on Energy-Dense Food Taxes: How Food Preferences Relate to Obesity 
Kathryn Barth

Thesis: This study seeks to better understand consumer preferences as means of assessing the potential of an energy-dense food tax.

Key visual elements:

  • Graphic images
  • Results and discussion table

Intersexuality: How Cultural Expectations, Medical Innovations and Language Created the Perception of Variant Genitalia as a Disorder  
Victoria Goldman

Thesis: The convergence of medical innovations, contemporary western cultural expectations, and linguistic factors, such as labeling, resulted in the codifying of the variance of intersexuality as a disorder.

Key visual elements:

  • Graphic illustration

Spring 2013: environmental history

The following research poster was completed in conjuntion with Ann Greene's Science, Technology & Society (STSC) course Environmental History.

Urbanization in Fairmount Park: The Deterorizaion of Stream Beds 
Emma Schad

This poster considers the possible causes of stream deterioration in Fairmount Park.

Key visual elements:

  • Map
  • Diagram