Hoesley Digital Literacy Program

The Hoesley Digital Literacy Fellows program includes a cohort of juniors and seniors each year. Partially funded by a generous gift from Penn Libraries' Board Member Jim Hoesley and his wife Sandee, and conducted in collaboration with Career Services, the School of Arts and Sciences and the Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships (CURF), the program encourages creative exploration of technologies commonly used in our rapidly evolving 21st century workplace and beyond. Throughout the experience, Fellows will receive hands-on training and support as they develop a digital project of their choice. Students can apply via our CURF Listing each March for the following academic year.

Who Should Apply?

This program is designed for students who have not had opportunities to work with technology in depth. Comfort with foundational technology skills and experience with emerging technologies can provide a valuable edge in many job and internship searches. The fellowship focuses on building confidence, providing learning strategies, and fostering career connections. Students from the humanities are particularly encouraged to apply.

All rising juniors and seniors may apply. Since Fellows are expected to commit for the full academic year, this is not a good fit for those who plan to study abroad during the fall 2019 or spring 2020 semesters. Bimonthly workshops and meetings will provide hands-on training and opportunities for discussion, project planning, and collaboration. Attendance at all workshops and meetings is a requirement for completion. Students will be selected based on level of interest, potential project ideas, and match between their needs and training opportunities. Students must be willing to commit up front to availability from 12-1 PM on Fridays for meetings in the Education Commons TinkerLab for the duration of the academic year.

Program Details

The program will select a cohort of up to 10 students in May. Students will meet as a cohort with library staff in September to plan out a personalized program.

Fellows will have opportunities to delve deeper into technologies particularly relevant to careers of interest. The substantial technology expertise of the Penn Libraries’ Learning Commons and Vitale Digital Media Lab staff will be integral. Workshops with hands-on instruction and guest speakers on career-related planning will address the following topics:

  • Web design - basic concepts and templates, what to include on a professional website
  • Emerging technology - 3D printing and scanning, augmented and virtual reality, robotics
  • Graphic design and visual literacy - software, design principles, formats
  • Social media, networking, and online identity - creating online personas for professional purposes, best practices for digital privacy
  • Coding and programming - basic principles, software, and applications
  • Digital media - photography and video production, audio recording and editing
  • Spreadsheets and data organization - data analysis, importing data, constructing charts and tables
  • Digital/information literacy - finding, evaluating, sharing and creating content using technology and online resources
  • Using the web to enhance your job search - PennLink, researching employers, guidelines for portfolios and resumes
  • Presentation skills - design choices, animations, integration

Over the course of the year, students will undertake a guided project of their choice incorporating the skills learned throughout the fellowship. Students will gain an understanding of various technologies while creating a project relevant to their interests and career goals, such as developing a professional website or web portfolio or preparing and teaching a workshop. Collaboration within the cohort and small-group work is expected. Each student will present their completed project at a culminating event and receive personalized feedback.



Rachel Brock C'18
Lara Gruering C’18
Yasmine Issah C’18
Ryan Leone C/W'19
Adam Mansell C’18
Brandy Pineda C’19




Kevin Chen C'18
Bryan Tuong Hoang C'17
Jessica Hundly C'17
Pei Lun Hung C'18
Linda (Da) Lin C'18
Talia Moss C'17
Oluchukwu Okonkwo C'17
Lina Qostal C'18
Arjun Subramanyam C'18
Dalia Wolfson C'17

2015 Cohort

Selamawit Bekele C'17
Courtney Bliler C’16
Carolina English C’16
Rolanda Evelyn C’16
Jacquelyn He N/W ‘17
Roshumba Llewellyn C’17
Sofia Amalia Lund C’16
Mabel Oviedo C’16
Andrew Parsons E’17
Divya Ramesh C’16
Sara  Ramirez C’17
Laura Ruiz-Colón C’16
Terrill Warrenburg C’16


Khari Austin-Rawls
Danielle Chuang
Hannah Dardashti
Audrey Harnagel
Jelani Hayes
Robert Hsu
Kimberly Kolor
Jacklyn Kornstein
Thuy Le
Charity Migwi
Stephanie Munoz
Joseph Prado
Ileana Santos-Gonzalez
Wing Tung (Dyana) So



Carolina Angel C'14
Davis Butner C'14
Hua Chen C'15
Debby Chiang C'15
Ann-jie Ching C'15
Annie Guo C'15
Yessenia Gutierrez C'14
Joanne Ho C'15
Joyce Kim C'15
Danielle Landress C'15
Irene Manousiouthakis C'14
Breanna Moore C'15
Brian Mund C'14
Julie Palomba C'14
Rosemary Santos C'14
Mirela Zaneva C'14


Maryam Alireza C'13
Elliott Brooks C'14
Morgan Finkelstein C'13
Afuah Frimpong C'14
William Gilbert C'13
Brittney Joyce C'14
Catherine Kipsang C'13
Marguerite Leone C'13
Samuel Lim E'13 W'13
Chase Merlin C'13
Franco Nilo C'13
Kara Silberthau C'13
Alexis Van Eyken C'14
Stella Ying C'13


2011 Cohort

Emily Blecker C'12
Grisselle DeFrank C'12
Christian De Luna C'12
Chelsea Dommert C'12
Caitlin Dougherty C'13
Michael Gorshein C'12
Meghan Hussey C'12
Marwa Ibrahim C'12
Ross Kelley C'12
Rebecca Rosen C'12
Virginia Senf C'12
Gina Shin C'13
Isabelle Sun C'13
Windy Tam C'13
Mai Chi Abby Tran C'13
Julia Wolfe C'12

2010 Cohort

Anna Elizabeth Adler C'11
Adam Behrens C'11
Rachael Durkin C'11
ChuanKeat Josh Foo C'12
Nitya Kanuri C'12
Mansi Kothari C'12
Ruani Ribe C'12
Morgan Russo C'12
Melissa Rutman C'11
Tayler Sorensen C'11
Linda Wang C'12
Zhicong Wang C/E'11