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    Lightning Round 2015

Lightning Round 2015

Wednesday, April 22, 10:30 am to Noon
Class of 1978 Pavilion, Kislak Center
Sixth Floor, Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center

As part of our Engaging Students Through Technology events, we welcome you to join us for Lightning Round 2015. The event is an opportunity to share creative ideas to engage students in a fast-paced format. Each presenter will share a favorite technology tool or idea for engaging students with a three-minute time limit enforced by our gong. We expect to include about twenty presenters and remarks will be recorded for our YouTube channel. The event is designed for an audience of faculty, graduate students and staff with interest in instructional technology. You can meet new people from across campus and enjoy light refreshments afterwards.

Current Topic List

Tool Why do you like this tool? What does the tool do? Presenter Link
3d printing (Biomed) It's cool! See examples Prints 3d! Stratasys 3D Printer Barbara Kountouzi  
3d printing (EC) You can visualize objects of different kinds. See examples Prints plastic 3D objects from home-made and clipart designs. Makerbot Printers Eric Janec  
camra Promotes interdisciplinary, dynamic use of technology towards rigorous research Organization on campus dedicated to multimodal research Arjun Shankar  
EDraw It's great for synthesizing research articles and visualizing concepts. This free tool helps you make quality Concept Maps. Allison Weaver  
Eduroam   eduroam (education roaming) is secure, world-wide roaming access service for research. Charles Rumford  
NVivo Great for survey and interview data. Explore theoretical models. Works for research teams. Produces visualizations of text from surveys, audio and video interviews. Anu Vedantham Tutorial
Oculus Rift Not widespread yet, but opens up so many visualization possibilities for the near future. Virtual reality and augmented reality. Natalie Lyon  
Palladio Easy to use, but with robust capabilities. Data visualization: mapping and network analysis. Ian Petrie  
Poll Everywhere encourages students to participate by using their phones (any phones) lets you poll your students instantly and project the results. Ekaterina Kalkys  
Respondus Lock-Down Browser Easy to use with BYOD and Canvas. Students taking Canvas in-class tests can't open other pages. Elizabeth Scheyder Tutorial
Scholarly Commons Teaches about publishing process while producing a permanent, shareable product Can be used as a peer-review publishing platform Sarah Wipperman  
Storify Has great possibilities for students to create e-research projects. Aggregates social media/web content to build narratives around topics. Vickie Karasic Tutorial
TEI Text Wrangler Easy, effective, free TEI is text encoding language used by the Text Creation Partnership; can transcribe any document. Text Wrangler is a free application. Rebecca Stuhr Details
Topic Modeling Tool Learns topics in a collection of documents, and tags each topic.  This tool is for people who want to do their own topic modeling.  Katie Rawson  
Van Pelt Collaborative Classroom It's open to the entire Penn community. Students can write on the walls and work at one of 5 round tables, each with its own projector! An innovative classroom space designed for hands-on, collaborative learning Catrice Barrett  
Viewshare It will enable us to provide search and browse to OPenn. Free platform for generating and customizing views (interactive maps, timelines, facets, tag clouds) that allow users to experience your digital collections. Dot Porter Example
Voice Thread Allows instructors to model presentations and students to record their own. Record video presentations and do voice-overs with images and PowerPoint. Ed Dixon  
Voyant Simple to use and can quickly provide insight. Can see change over time. Provides data and visualizations for word frequency and word location in texts. Compares two texts side by side. Cathy Turner  

Co-sponsored by camra,  the Center for Teaching and Learning , the Graduate Student Center, the Penn Language Center, SAS Computing and the Weingarten Learning Resources Center (VPUL).