Media Production

media lab consultant assisting a student using a lab computerVITALE DIGITAL MEDIA LAB

The Vitale Digital Media Lab offers training, equipment, and instruction on varied digital media, including video, audio, imaging, graphic design, and web publishing. In addition to high-end Mac computers and 32" 4K monitors, we also make other equipment available.  These include: flatbed scanners, a Wacom Cintiq tablet, a poster printer, and a 35mm slide and film scanner. We also lend equipment such as video cameras, audio recorders, tripods, microphones, projectors, Mac and Phone chargers, 360/VR cameras, and more.  All lab resources are accesible to current Penn students, faculty, and staff and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.



Recording studio with three chairs, camera, lights, and green screenHECHTMAN RECORDING STUDIO

The Hechtman Recording Studio is a mid-level video/photo production studio located on the 3rd floor of the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center.  It is intended to support student and faculty video experimentation and to promote the development of skills in the areas of video and audio production and photography on campus. The studio is equipped with professional lighting, a video camera, microphones, and a green screen, all within a sound-treated room. Although the studio is intended primarily to serve a curricular function, we believe that any use of the space -- whether academic, extra-curricular, or personal -- furthers a user’s education and level of comfort with this critical technology.  Please contact the Vitale Digital media Lab to schedule an orientation, which is required in order to reserve and use the Hechtman studio space.