How Do I...?

Design a poster? | Create a video? | Videoconference? | Record audio? | Edit audio? | Print from your own laptop? | Scan a document? | Collect student feedback and assessment?

Design a Poster?

You can design a poster in PowerPoint or using professional software such as PhotoShop, InDesign or Illustrator. We print posters in our Media Lab and we offer workshops on graphic design software. Our lab consultants can guide you on photo and graphic editing.


Create a Video?

You can make a video:
You can edit a video:



The best location for videoconferences is the WIC Seminar Room since the room-based system provides high-quality video and audio. Groups of up to 20 can participate.
Skype works very well with small groups (up to 6 people) on the iMac computers in Group Study Rooms.
Skype can be used by individuals with the webcams in the PC laptops in our Data Diner Booths and in Group Study Rooms.


Record audio?

You can record your voice:
You can record music:


Edit Audio?

You can edit audio:


Print from your own laptop?

Please follow the directions for personal printing in Van Pelt Dietrich Library Center.

Scan a document?

Visit our scanners page or come to the Vitale Digital Media Lab for assistance.

Collect student feedback and assessment?

You can use clickers in our Seminar Room for live audience response activities.