Shankar: Globalization & the City Video Showcase

Globalization and the City, Urban Studies Course by Dr. Arjun Shankar 

In this course, students were required to choose their own city upon which to conduct primary research and deepen their understanding of globalization as a process located in specific histories and spatial relations. They did primary and secondary research using scholarly articles, news media sources, and documentary film archives to make arguments about how global processes are re-shaping their selected urban locale. Instead of a traditional academic paper, students were required to present the material in a visual format. For their end term assignment, students created voiceover Powerpoint videos using their voices, images, and film clips to make a specific argument regarding how globalization has affected one specific city in the world. Using sights and sounds, students show the viewer a global city and answer the question, What does the globalization of the city look like?

Syllabus Fall 2015.

Fall 2015

Bogota: A City Reclaimed by Emma Miller and Greg Chalfin

Jakarta by Brianna Krejci and Francis Leong

Kuala Lumpur by Alex Benya and Emma Singer

St. Petersburg by Ashley Archibald and Alan Gordin

Fall 2014

Globalization and the City: Rio, the Maracana and FIFA's Ideal Global City by Ann Molin and Mary Brass

Glocal Seoul by Yifei Xiao, Denisse Guevara, and Ariella Boillat