Showcase: CURF Posters 2013

 The Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships (CURF) hosted an Undergraduate Research Symposium in March 2013 for Penn Research Week. Our staff selected the three posters below as notable in terms of attention to visual literacy and strong graphic design. For more notable Undergraduate Research Symposium posters, please see our past CURF showcase and our Flickr photo sets for February 2012, September 2012, and March 2013
Suspicious Fires in Slums: A Comparison Across Cities

suspicious fires in slums poster

Heather Bromfield, College of Arts & Sciences
"Suspicious Fires in Slums" presents a vivid visual backdrop to its clearly highlighted points about the issues surrounding slum fires. Heather's poster examines the causes and effects of slum fires in developing cities, highlighting the national flags of Brazil and India. The light-colored text and circular shapes provide an effective contrast to the dark, menacing background.
Key visual elements:
  • Bold background image
  • Light/dark image and text contrasts
  • Brief, effective bursts of text

Art Heroes poster

Art Heroes: The Discovery of Japan's Sexual Identity
Emma Kaufman, College of Arts & Sciences
"Art Heroes" captures the art of comics to trace Japanese gender definitions and identities both during and after World War II. Emma creates a comic book of her own in the visuals she has chosen, linked by arrows and fun speech balloons to explain her points. Her work provides both historical context for Japanese gender identity and trends in how technology has shaped Japanese identity in modern culture.
Key visual elements:
  • Comic book setup
  • Creative speech balloons to hold text
  • Bright and colorful film, Anime, Manga, and comics images

The Birds, the Bees & the Swedes poster

The Birds, the Bees & the Swedes: Exploring the Role of Pleasure in Swedish Sex Education
Arielle Pardes, College of Arts & Sciences
"The Birds, the Bees & the Swedes" displays excerpts of semi-structured interviews with 15 Swedish students on their perspectives of sex education in schools. Arielle uses clever visuals in presenting notions of "pleasure" in the middle of the poster, followed by students' direct quotes at the bottom. The gray and white contrast work well together to highlight both the text and the circular visuals on the side of the poster.
Key visual elements:
  • Effective gray and white contrast
  • Creative use of text throughout poster
  • Clever visuals to highlight text