McNair Scholars Program 2012

Every summer, Penn Libraries' staff assist with the McNair Scholars Summer Research Institute. The McNair Scholars Program prepares undergraduate students for graduate studies by providing opportunities to pursue advanced research. During the summer program, students complete an original research proposal and share their work through a presentation and a research poster. For the 2012 cohort, librarians from several departments (the Biomedical Library, the Engineering Library, Van Pelt Library Research and Instructional Services and Weigle Information Commons) guided students on conducting research, organizing presentations and designing research posters. Although the research projects are still forming shape, the posters below provide an insight into the topics and methodologies chosen by four of the nine students in the 2012 program.

What is the Current of the River? 
Karla Rivera

Research question:  What is the experience of African American and Hispanic/Latino/a Doctoral students at the University of Pennsylvania?

Key visual elements:

  • Illustrative photographs
  • Word cloud of key concepts
  • QR code to direct viewers to further information

The American POW Experience in Nazi Germany 
Daniel Sawey

Research questions: Were the experiences of American POWs in Nazi Germany fairly consistent for the duration of the war? Or were there certain developments that negatively affected their experience? What were these developments ?

Key visual elements:

  • Historical photographs
  • Annotated map

The Amygdala and Autism 
Melissa Sosa

Research question: What is the relationship between amygdala volume and the social and emotional symptoms (e.g. soc ial withdrawal and anxiety) of autism spectrum disorders?

Key visual elements:

  • Graphic illustration
  • Photograph
  • Scientific diagram

The Other July Crisis: Origins 
Steven Perez

Research questions: How and why did the British take such a bold approach to a country that was clearly within the U.S sphere of influence? How did the threat of European war impact Anglo-American relations in Mexico?

Key visual elements:

  • Timeline
  • Historical photographs
  • Newspaper images