Mitchell: South Asia Studies Showcase 2011

Dr. Lisa Mitchell, Associate Professor of South Asia Studies, has guided her students to create voiceover videos as class assignments for her large undergraduate class "East and West: A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Cultural History of the Modern World" (ANTH 063 / SAST 063 / HIST 087) in South Asia Studies. Her class focuses on how the desire to possess and consume commodities has shaped cultures. In addition to the commodities studied by the full class, each student researches a commodity for an individual presentation. In earlier years, this assignment required an in-class presentation with PowerPoint slides. For the past three semesters, Lisa has encouraged students to use Jing, PowerPoint's internal voice recording feature or video- editing software such as iMovie to make five-minute video presentations of their research. Lisa shared her work at the 2011 Engaging Students Through Technology symposium on the morning faculty panel. Her presentation (video and materials) and two examples of student work are provided below.

2011 Symposium Presentation by Lisa Mitchell 

Curricular Materials include the assignment, technology tutorial, assessment rubric and blank grade sheet.

Chocolate by Christen Chan 


References for Christen Chan's video

Diamonds by Connie Wu and Ryan Dew