Suggested Syllabus Language for Weigle Information Commons

We respectfully request Penn faculty to consider adding the language below to course syllabi so that students are aware of the resources available at the David B. Weigle Information Commons:

The David B. Weigle Information Commons supports collaborative learning using the latest technologies. It offers:

  • Group Study rooms, Data Diner booths and alcoves with computers, large display screens and video recording systems.
  • One-on-one and small-group assistance with research skills, time & project management, writing and communication skills.
  • Equipment, software, training and support for digital media projects, scanners, cameras, videocameras and a poster printer. Students can create video, audio, podcasts, animations, posters, comic books, websites and presentations.

Onsite services include workshops, walk-in and appointment-based assistance:

  • CWiC's (Communication Within the Curriculum) undergraduate advisors assist students with presentations and effective communication.
  • Weingarten Learning Resources Center, a department of the Vice Provost for University Life Division, guides students on time and project management including project planning and study strategies.
  • The Writing Center guides students on writing for different audiences and purposes.
  • Penn Libraries staff guide students on research skills (including accessing information and conducting research), software support, digital media production and use of all available technologies.
Service hours, online room reservations, workshop schedules and online tutorials are at
Students can request assistance by sending email to