Symposium 2012 Student Panel

The 2012 Engaging Students Through Technology faculty symposium will explore ways to use new technologies to engage with students at a deeper level. Each year, about 100 people - Penn faculty, staff and graduate students - attend this symposium. We would like this year's attendees to benefit from hearing many student voices.

We invite undergraduate students to contact us if you might be interested in speaking on the student panel from 11:15 am to Noon on Friday, October 26. We expect to include five undergraduates from different schools and disciplines on the panel. Email us at to get the details. You can view videos from the 2011 panel to get a sense of how the event may unfold.
We also invite undergraduate students to submit videos online and to answer questions on camera from our student reporters. Videos of 1 to 2 minutes are ideal. Please email the link to your video (on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) to

We are looking for student perspectives on one or more of the questions below:

  • How has social media enhanced your relationship with any of your professors? Please give specific examples.
  • How have video and collaboration tools helped you and your classmates demonstrate mastery of concepts learned in class? Please give specific examples.
  • How could tech tools free up valuable class time? What would you want to see happen with this time?