Video Contest 2008

Mashup Contest 2008 Winners

The annual Mashup Contest celebrates student creativity with video and multimedia. It is sponsored by Penn Libraries, the Cinema Studies Program, and College Houses and Academic Services. The 2008 Video Mashup Contest award ceremony was held on April 17, 2008, with a press release issued in early May.

Video Contest 2008 Rules


Mashup Winners 2007 & 2008
Pictured left to right: Keith McKnight, James Stanford,
Vice-Provost and Director of Libraries Carton Rogers, Ryan Leonard, and Vince Levy

First Prize:

The Society Serialist or How to Kill Five Bennett Birds with One Stone 
by Emilie Froh

"An homage to Pablo Ferro's trailer from 1964 for Dr. Strangelove using the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice"


Second Prize:

My Bike in C Minor 
by Vince Levy

Supported by Johann Diedrick, Peter Dlichman, Anthony Levy and Sarah Stoerker
"A remix of 'Bicycle Race' by the band Be Your Own Pet. I wanted their music video to be like a bike ride through cinema."
This video went on to win fourth place in the national Total Recut competitionfor 2008.


Third Prize:

Titanic Trailer Remix 
by Andy M. Cao

Supported by Rohak Doshi, Jasmie Mussarelli and Jonathan Izak. Produced for an undergraduate class taught by Jacqui Sadashige.
"A trailer using Titanic clips that portray Jack as a serial killer going after Kate."


Other Entries

Godzilla Versus Charizad  - by Terrence M. Sellers-Saidi. 
Supported by Michael Ro and Alex Toumayan. Produced for an undergraduate class taught by Frank Chance.
Penn Yo Office - by Ryan Leonard. 
Supported by Will Xiong, Kenny Yeh, Chen-Chen Jiang, Kathy Chen, Rohenne Lee, Jasmine Tsai, Kevin Chu, Issei Suzuki, Winston Ma, Brendan Jung, Grace Tay, Gina Heng, Kendrew Tan, Christie Pang, Stanley Kurnia and Joe Wong.

The Banality of Denial - by Garnik Sarkisian (Video suppressed at the applicant's request.)

Junior Problemsby Michael T. Vassallo. 
Produced for an undergraduate class taught by Mera Moore Lafferty.