Video Contest 2009

Mashup Contest 2009 Winners

The annual Mashup Contest celebrates student creativity with video and multimedia. The 2009 Contest was sponsored by Penn Libraries, the Penn Humanities Forum, the Cinema Studies Program, and College Houses and Academic Services. The contest included an online voting page for all entries. The awards ceremony was held on April 30, 2009 with a press release issued in June.

Mashup Winners 2009
Pictured left to right: William Strasser, Aaron Walker, Vice-Provost and Director of Libraries Carton Rogers,
Akash Barot, Adam El Sehamy, Zhibo Wang and Allison Seelig


First Prize

Video + Poem + Painting 
by William Strasser

Whether in Classical mythology, Renaissance painting, 20th century poetry or modern music videos, depictions of suffering have never ceased to captivate audiences. I aim to juxtapose these depictions in order to highlight ways they have changed and ways that they remain the same, identifying something inherent to the human condition.

Interview with the winner


Second Prize (Mature Content)

The Muppets Take "Manhattan" 
by Aaron Walker

I'm trying to show that puppets can be lewd AND funny - unlike Avenue Q. Here I've spliced the audio from Woody Allen's "Manhattan" over video from "The Muppets take Manhattan".


Third Prize

No Way Out of the Field of Dreams 
by Allison Seelig

I am trying to show how baseball serves an important mythic function for the nation by making it into a national security issue obsessed over by the government.



People's Choice Award: (determined by online voting)

Slumdog Millionaire 2 
by Akash Barot with Adam El Sehamy and Zhibo Wang

If you thought Slumdog Millionare was the last great Bollywood movie, you would be mistaken. Get ready for the sequel!