Video Contest 2012

Mashup Contest 2012 Winners

The annual Mashup Contest celebrates student creativity with video and multimedia. The 2012 Contest was sponsored by Penn Libraries and the Cinema Studies Program. The contest included an online voting page for all 11 entries. The awards were announced by a press release from Penn Libraries in August 2012.

First Prize and People's Choice Award (determined by online voting)

by Trevor Cassidy
WARNING: This video contains scenes of violence that may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.
The audio text consists of a series of quotes from romance/comedy films where female characters are standing in front of the mirror and talking about their bodies. It is married with images from noteworthy horror movies from 1960-2012. It is meant as an intertextual and self-reflexive examination of the gaze and the voyeur and poses questions about spectatorship, gender, and representation.

Interview with Trevor Cassidy



Second Prize

The advertising of Axe and Dove products 
by Tatiana Londono Gentile, Simon Pedisich, Hayley Sacks and Aislinn Wallace
This mashup illuminates different marketing strategies for two of Unilever Corporation's brands: Axe and Dove. Axe uses objectification, sexualization, and dehumanizing portrayals of women to sell products. Dove capitalizes on the likely disgust felt by viewers of the Axe advertisements; their campaign is built on their perceived refusal of misogyny.


Third Prize

Last February 2nd in Marienbad 
by Anthony Xie
Both films take on the resemblance of a puzzle or game but in extremely different ways. Marienbad is a highly dramatic piece that manipulates space, time, and memory in order to subvert as well as emphasize its cinematic form. On the other hand, Groundhog's Day takes the comedic route in a man who has to lives the same day over and over again. I wanted to see if I make a new game out of the juxtaposition of the films by recreating Groundhog's Day in a intense, dramatic fashion.


Special Mention for Theme of Games

Jenga: The Movie 
by Andrew Custage and Jayson Weingarten
Hollywood has been turning classic games (Battleship, Clue, Jumanji) and toys (GI Joe, Transformers, Toy Story) into movies. We wouldn't be surprised if Jenga was the next generic and formulaic blockbuster to hit theaters, this FALL!