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Our annual video contests celebrate student creativity with video and multimedia. The 2014 Contest was sponsored by the Penn Libraries, the Cinema Studies Program and the Digital Media Design Program and included an online voting page for all six entries. The awards ceremony at the PhillyDH@Penn 2014 conference on June 20, 2014 included a screening of the first-prize winner. The winning entries are below.

First Prize

WE from Mengxi Tan on Vimeo.

by MengXi Cissy Tan
Description: We all have been experiencing self-discrepancy since childhood. However, this psychological confusion is always overlooked by the surrounding and hard to solve. In this video, I'm telling a story from my childhood in my native language to explore the different perceptions of oneself. Credits: Joshua Mosley and Erinn Hagerty from PennDesign.


Winner's Commentary


Second Prize

The Most Astounding Fact from Katie Levesque on Vime

The Most Astounding Fact 
by Kaitlyn Danielle Levesque
Description: Life on this planet exists because of stars that no longer do. This is amazing. Sometimes people need to remember this, step away from the chaos that is the world as we know it, and bask in the chaos that is the universe as we can only imagine it.

Third Prize

Iconography and Fantasy 
by Daniel Haun
Description: Semiosis or semeiosis is the process that forms meaning from any organism's apprehension of the world through signs. A sign, or representamen, is something which stands to somebody for something in some respect or capacity. It addresses somebody, that is, creates in the mind of that person an equivalent sign. Globalization has caused the development of a global consumer culture where products have similar associations, whether positive or negative, across numerous markets. Thus, we are faced with exponentially more signs and signifiers today, with less individual meaning. A homogeneity begins to pervade mass media as further and further imagery reach our tablets, smart phones and other devices at increasingly high speeds. It is difficult to parse through the content we want to see amidst the targeted media experience. The problem of the 21st century is not one of access to media, but rather the lose of digital autonomy. The lines between ad experience and original content blur until we can't delineate between the media we want to see and what is being shown to us.

People's Choice Award (determined by online voting)

Upenn Happy Video 
by Aditya Narayan
Description: As graduating students this May, the last 2 years have been an exciting and a fun-filled experience for us. We have decided to make a happy video with some amazing people and shots at some amazing locations at one of the most beautiful campuses. Credits: Aayush Sharma, Gopinath Danda, Sravya Kotaru and Tharun Reddy.

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