Video Contest 2015 Winners

What Does Healthy Look Like?

Our annual video contests celebrate student creativity with video and multimedia. The 2015 Contest was sponsored by the Penn Libraries, the Cinema Studies Program and the Digital Media Design Program and included an online voting page for all seven entries.  The winning entries are below.


Will Always Be Loved 
by Courtney Dabney
Society often only thinks of good health as good physical health, often overlooking the importance of mental health. Mental health can result in as great of a health burden or tragedy as physical illness. My video demonstrates the effects of that tragedy and death can have on the mental health of a young child which is often overlooked. It is important to increase the awareness of mental health in everyone, including young children.
Credits: Voices - Donyea Cross, Alexa Esperanza, and Nicole Brevoort , Advisor - Joshua Mosley. Produced as part of a senior thesis class.




Making Sense of Happiness 
by Meredith Stern
Happiness is such an essential part of health and overall wellness, but what exactly is happiness? I decided to embark on a documentary project to find out, asking both friends and strangers on Penn's campus and nearby in West Philly what happiness means to them. Each person had very interesting definitions, but one theme that came up several times is that happiness is a choice. Happiness is very complex and subjective to be sure, but this struck me as an important truth; we do have a part in our own happiness, and I think that is something important to keep in mind. 
Credits: Penn students interviewed: Ahmed Mohieldin, Ashleigh Morgan, Vinita Saggurti, Vinesh Arun Vinarun, Melanie Mariano, Simon Benigeri, Jeremy Cohen, Chelsea Atkins, Alex Polyak, Sumun Khetpal, Hynn Jun Kim, Noelle Mcmanus ; People from outside of Penn interviewed: Dana Caputo and Emily Mayer.


8-Bit Distracted 
by Ivan Moutinho
The dangers of being too focused on our smartphones and how its distractions can cause us to come into great danger.
Credits: Fawzi Habib, Ariel Fishbein, Ivan Sokiriny, Deveroux Jordan, Sheharyar Sohail, Lisa Liu, Dan McDevitt, Leo Jikia, Ryan Masih, Eugene Olkhov and Jeshaiah Williams.

People's Choice Award (determined by online voting)

Outbreaks in Film 
by Lauren Drinkard
Public health has long been the redheaded stepchild in medicine, and yet one of Hollywood's favorite plots...especially catastrophic viruses. But how well does Hollywood depict real life public health responses to outbreak scenarios in some of its most well-known virus themed films? Let's find out.

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