Seminar Room Technical Details


Starting the Projector

Photo of touch screen control panel for projector    Photo of touch panel source selection screen for projector   Photo of camera control screen      Photo of on/off screen for projector     Photo of HDMI cable to connect laptop to projector   
   Touch Screen         Source Selection       Camera Control          Projector On/Off         HDMI        VGA &
   Control Panel                Screen                            Screen                          Screen                                    Mac dongle

  1. Locate the wireless touch panel and press the Power button to turn it on. To turn the projector on or off, select Environmental Controls then Display Controls.
  2. To display the PC, go to the Sources screen and select PC.
  3. To display the Mac and control the videoconferencing camera, go to the Sources screen and select Mac.
  4. To connect your own laptop, go to the Sources screen and select either Laptop HDMI or Laptop VGA.  Connect your laptop to either the HDMI or VGA cable under the seminar table.  A Mac dongle is available to adapt the VGA cable if needed.

Note: The touchscreen does not have to remain plugged into the power source to operate the projector. However, please plug it in when your are finished so it will recharge. If the plasma is unplugged and will not turn on when you arrive, then it may be out of power and need to be plugged in.

Playing Sound

  1. Select your input device on the touchscreen.
  2. Press the up and down arrows to adjust volume. The red bar indicates current volume.
  3. To mute sound, press the Mute icon.
  4. To play sound without displaying an image on the screen, press the "Blank Image" button.

Using the Video Camera

  1. Select Mac/Cam input on the touchscreen.
  2. Open Photo Booth or Skype on the Mac located on the left side of the counter.
  3. Use the video controls on the touchscreen to change the position of the mounted video camera located to the right of the screen.

Connecting Mac to Projector

  1. Connect dongle (white cable)
  2. Detect Displays on Mac to find display settings
  3. Set Mac resolution to 1280 x 960, 75 Hz

DVD Instructions


How to Play a DVD

  1. Turn on projector using power button on remote
  2. Turn on DVD Player if needed
  3. Check that DVD Player input select is set to DVD. The Input button toggles between VCR and DVD
  4. Use Eject button on DVD Player to ppen tray and insert DVD disc
  5. Select DVD/VCR button on white control panel under DVD player
  6. Select MENU button on remote to change projector source to VIDEO
When done, please set projector back to showing the computer:
  1. Select PC button on white control panel under DVD player
  2. Select MENU button on remote to change projector source to COMPUTER
  3. Please turn projector off using remote before leaving the WIC Seminar Room
You can also play a DVD through the installed PC in the equipment rack.