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On the occasion of their 50th Reunion, the Class of 1924 class officers wrote: "The 50th Reunion Gift is the act whereby a class puts back into the University something of value in symbolic repayment of what its members had received from it a half-century earlier. Our own Class of 1924 will make such a gift to Pennsylvania...We wanted a project of the utmost importance to the University, one that would produce visible, lasting benefits for the largest possible number of students, one that would afford ample recognition to our Class and its members."

"By each of these criteria, the project we found most attractive is the creation of the Class of 1924 Book Fund for the University Library. Next to its faculty, Pennsylvania's Library collections are its most vital educational resource. The Class of 1924 Book Fund is the most important project we could possibly undertake for the University at this time."

"The University Library system is the only resource on the campus that is used by every student and faculty member...No other 50th Reunion Gift project could serve so many so well, or reflect so faithfully the diverse interest of our own members."

The fund continues to support Libraries acquisitions across subjects and formats.